XSplit or OBS

When you stream live content from all over the world, there is a big difference in which platform you choose.

YouTube games, UStream, and Twitch are the most prominent players in live video streaming.

Many online game enthusiasts like to rivulet live on platforms like YouTube to capture the jiffies of their favorite program or event or sports.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit Broadcaster are interactive tools for sharing-friendly gaming involvements with the entire world population.

If you search for their competitors, you will come across two names – XSplit and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). These budding platforms are trendy, and for many reasons, you will be hooked.

But you need not worry! We will resolve every concern in this significant guide that covers everything you need to know about XSplit or OBS, and this post will help you to understand which live streaming option is better XSplit or OBS.

Which Streaming Software to Select out of XSplit and OBS?

Is XSplit superior to OBS? Or else the other way round? First, when you associate XSplit and OBS based on variances and the mutual ground, we can draw an inference.

Formerly presenting something that makes one stage superior to another, we will find the resulting details mutually exhibited between XSplit and OBS:

  1. Saving live content by recording through the Screening.
  2. Hue and Brightness is adjusted.
  3. Social Media Apps like FB and YouTube can be accessed, and Viewer can Subscribe too
  4. Sophisticated Broadcasting Tools used as a creation
  5. Screen Space is distorted as Green Screen effect

Both XSplit and OBS permit you to generate professional-quality video recordings.

They are accepted as the best streaming platforms for mixing audio and video to generate live broadcasts.

Let’s read the main important points that set XSplit and OBS apart from their other competitors.

Although one can ascertain the variances between XSplit and OBS, operating these platforms can give you a hang of these Streaming applications. However, we bring out the Comparison between XSplit and OBS based on some points that include Usability, Feature, Price, and Performance.

So Let’s get started with our comparison, followed by our Final word.

1. Usability – The Gamecaster of XSplit is relatively convenient and straightforward to Use

As far as Settings are considered in terms of Usability, OBS has more comfortable options and User Interference, but XSplit is somewhat innate.

But if we talk about the Creation regarding Video, XSplit is much better than OBS.

For novices, OBS provides an excellent platform for initial learning and getting started. Though, one can’t stay as a novice for a more extended period.

Subsequently, getting an excellent hands-on experience with OBS or any other application, one might want to shift to the XSplit Broadcaster.

Amongst these two, we observed that the OBS is much more involved in terms of setup installation. You require specific supervision to achieve the flow control tasks on OBS.

XSplit, if we analyze, has much easier settings in terms of usability. One can use XSplit Gamecaster and permit in-game intersections. Not like OBS, Where you don’t need to hold Alt + Tab to shift between streaming screens on XSplit.

2. Feature – It is seen that OBS is more packed

Let’s now debate on the features. If statistics are not taken into account, we can observe that more functions and options are available in OBS than in XSplit.

To Sum up, we can say that a second screen might be used with OBS

As we can observe from various streaming platforms like OBS, viewers can get cutting-edge features without shelling any money.

Though, the advantage one receive from the analog green screen in XSplit is something we miss in OBS.

Also, in addition to the screen space, XSplit permits single-click access to its tools.

XSplit has the most potent extensive coverage, and it is also possible to integrate various social streaming apps like Skype with XSplit.

3. Price – No Charges Are Levied for OBS. It is Free

When one is looking for a live streaming platform that is not very expensive and is affordable for your pockets that XSplit offers a lot of premium features than its other competitors at a very reasonable price.

But, what reason can suffice for a platform where there is no price levied to use the service, OBS being free offers decent features, but without even a single penny being spent.

OBS being an open-source platform available to users, there is no fees attached to it and gives all the salient features that is associated with the streaming software.

But if we talk about XSplit being as affordable than other competitors, when we speak about the pricing plan and subscription models.

XSplit charges meager $3/month, and if you plan for an Annual Subscription, you will only be charged with $5/month.

4. Performance – OBS seems to take Leading Seat

Although one may notice that performance degradation hampers the viewing experience, it is easier to get a 720p best screen streaming quality on OBS at only 60fps.

Whereas even if we tweak the settings in the XSplit and adjust the controls as per our requirement, we still can’t get the best results.

If we talk about games GPU plays a more vital role than the CPU, Blinking can occur due to over usage of Open Broadcast Software.

What to do with Custom-Made Plugins for XSplit and OBS?

If we talk about any platform, there must be an adequate area for plugins and doing personalization. Devoid of an upgraded scope, the software will bound the streaming abilities.

Likewise, XSplit does not meet the wants.

Regarding personalization, XSplit can complete tons of work. Viewers don’t like the absence of plugins on XSplit Gamecaster.

Meanwhile, OBS has a considerable amount of personalization choices. One can also establish plugins and acquire maintenance from third-party sources.

Final Word

Keeping all the points into consideration, we suggest picking up OBS.

One can raise no suspicion about the fact that it offers plusher features and is accessible than XSplit.

At present, Is XSplit suitable for pro-gamers? So, to some point, yes.

If one is just tired using basic video broadcasting features, XSplit’s Gamecaster plugins may please you with its offerings.


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