Screen Tearing

Are you tired weeding through various articles available online about screen tearing error at the time of watching videos or playing games?

If yes, then don’t worry! We will resolve your every query in this resounding guide that covers everything you need to know with 4 fixes for this screen tearing error.

FIRST, let us understand…

What is screen tearing?

The screen tearing occurs when multiple video frames don’t sync well with the display rate. When screen tearing occurs, it not only disappoints you in your gaming experience but also hampers your video watching experience. Therefore, before looking for ways to fix this issue, it is essential to understand the reason behind the occurrence of such errors of screen tearing while watching videos or playing games on PC.

Reasons behind screen tearing

There may be multiple issues which lead to the issue of screen tearing. Let’s look for the most probable issues.

  • Desktop screen

Sometimes, when you are playing high graphics game on your old laptop or desktop, then the video feed doesn’t sync with the display rate. This is one of the biggest reason for the screen to tear up, and it hampers your smooth gaming experience.

  • Refresh rate

Another reason which may lead to screen tearing issue while watching videos or playing games is that the refresh rate of your desktop is not compatible with the frames per second of the video feed.

  • Graphic cards

If the graphic card present in your system is old, sometimes you may encounter the issue of screen tearing while watching videos or playing games. If the graphic card is not up to the requirements of the video quality, it is the case of screen tearing.

In such cases, you need to update the drivers for the graphic card in your systems. It may help in resolving such issues of screen tearing.

Many people had complained that when they tried to play the game on their desktop, screen tearing occurs, which makes people disappointed. People have also reported that these issues occur mostly in windows operating system. Even if you may encounter this problem, we have 5 different solutions.

Solve Screen Tearing Error (100% Working)

You can quickly resolve the screen tearing error by following the below fixes and getting free from your worries.

Method 1 – Vertical Sync display

In case you are facing the issue of screen tearing while watching videos or playing high definition games, you need to enable the Sync display option.

Enabling the Sync option will help in synchronizing the refresh rate and video feed fps.

Following steps needs to be followed to enable this option.

  • Click on the control panel and open 3D settings.
  • In the 3D settings page, open Manage settings.
  • You will able to view V Sync button presents in setting page under Global settings tab.
  • After enabling this option, click on the Save button.
  • After making necessary changes, it is advisable to restart the computer.

Once the computer starts, open and play a 3D game and check if the screen tearing issue which you were encountering before has been resolved or not.

After making all the changes and enabling V sync option, if the screen tearing issue is not resolved, then try any other solutions given below.

Method 2 – Update the drivers

If the screen tearing issue is still not resolved, then you may need to update the drivers of the display. To update the display drivers, below mentioned steps need to be followed.

  • Search device manager in the search box available at the bottom left corner of the desktop.
  • Open the device manager and search for the drivers for display.
  • Please select the driver from the list of drivers installed and right-click on it
  • After that, update the selected driver and restart the computer after updating.

After updating the drivers, when the computer restarts trying watching any high-quality video or playing any game and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Method 3 – G Sync

If your computer has Nvidia graphics card, then screen tearing issue you are encountering can be resolved by enabling G Sync option. To enable G Sync, below mentioned steps need to be followed.

  • Open the display list present on the left side of the Nvidia control panel.
  • In the display list, select “Setup G Sync.”
  • Click on the checkbox next to Enable G Sync option
  • Click on Save button.
  • Click on Restart button of your PC to make the changes.

Now try playing any 3D game and check if screen tearing issue has been resolved or not.

Method 4 – Resolution should be changed

In case, advance graphic card is not present in your computer system. Enabling G Sync will not solve the screen tearing issue. In such a case resolution of the display should be changed to resolve such issues. Follow the below-mentioned steps to change the display resolution.

  • Type keys Win + S using the keyboard of system.
  • In the Settings window popped up, type resolution and searched for it.
  • Click on Change the resolution of the display.
  • Click on Advanced display settings in the system window
  • Click on List All Modes option present on the properties window.
  • Change the refresh rate on the hardware properties window.
  • Click on Save button and restart the computer system.

Final Verdict for Screen tearing error while playing games or watching high-quality videos.

Watching videos and playing high-end games on desktop or laptops has become part of everyone’s day to day life.

So, every customer is looking for better user experience while playing high-end games. However, in this process, there might be sudden new bugs like screen tearing that might irritate the users.

Therefore, we have provided a helpful guide to resolve such errors so that you can have an excellent gaming experience. If you have something new to share or any feeling or experience, then also feel free to explain it to us so that we can publish it on our portal.

Do let us know in the comment section below that which of the above 4 solutions worked for you!


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