Nvidia Installer Cannot Continue

Are you tired of reading numerous and complicated solutions for resolving the NVIDIA installer cannot continue error on the internet?

If yes, then don’t worry! We will resolve your every query in this noteworthy guide that covers everything you need to know about what to do when you get the NVIDIA installer cannot continue error on your device.

Let us first know about it…


NVIDIA is an organization that likes wordplay, symbolism and likes to spend money on more than one range of meaning.

One of the critical roots of the call NVIDIA is the word INVIDIA, which is Latin for envy.

NVIDIA is a graphics processing chip maker that currently generates the most significant sales through the sale of image processing equipment (GPU), which can be used for competitive games, expert visualization, and cryptocurrency mining.

In addition to GPU production, NVIDIA offers parallel processing skills to researchers and scientists that permit them to run excessive-overall performance packages effectively. They are deployed in supercomputing websites around the arena.

More lately, it has moved into the cell computing market, wherein it produces Tegra mobile processors for smartphones and tablets as well as vehicle navigation and amusement structures. In addition to AMD, its competitors encompass Intel, Qualcomm, and Arm.

The war between Windows and NVIDIA Graphics Cards is not new. While setting up of NVIDIA Graphics card, if you get the error “NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue” in Windows 10, then don’t be amazed.

These blunders are something many human beings get even as installation of various fashions of NVIDIA Graphics Card. Fortunately, there are answers to be had to this hassle.

You can be able to solve this problem within more than one step, or it could take numerous steps for the same to get resolved.

In the subsequent article, we will discuss numerous strategies to restore NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue mistakes. Try out these methods within the order they’re cited for clearing up the difficulty fast.

Four techniques to resolve NVIDIA installer cannot continue bug

You want a terrific portrait driver to run excessive-quit video games and high-res videos for your computer. You can buy a laptop with a pre-hooked up NVIDIA driver.

You also can upgrade your present pc to the NVIDIA pix driving force. However, you’ll be pissed to face an error while putting in the driver.

Despite the actual buy, the NVIDIA installer may not work as anticipated. So, what do you do when the NVIDIA installer cannot preserve?

Here are a few pro hints to restore when the NVIDIA installer has failed:

  • Try to manually install the drivers one by one

Firstly, overlook the setup method. If the NVIDIA installer’s now not working, you could manually set up the drivers.

The steps for the above are as follows:

  • Search ‘device manager’ in your Start menu to open it
  • Open the Device Manager for your Windows 10
  • Expand the option for Display Adapters
  • Select the NVIDIA photographs motive force
  • In the toolbar, you’ll see the Action menu
  • Open the Action menu and select Uninstall
  • Complete the uninstalling system
  • After the wizard is whole, reboot your pc
  • Open the Device Manager again
  • Right-click on NVIDIA driver and pick out – Update Driver Software
  • Click on the choice – Browse my laptop for motive force software
  • Tick the checkboxes for all subfolders
  • Press the Next tab to finish the installation wizard.

Once this system is executed, reboot your computer. Now, the NVIDIA motive force has been set up manually, so you don’t want to run the setup.

  • Renaming the NVIDIA program files

The following approach may also appear unusual; however, it has proven to be useful for many users. The steps are as follows:

  • Click at the “My Computer” icon on your laptop.
  • For Windows 10, click at the “This PC” icon in your computing device.
  • Go to the neighborhood disk where you’ve saved your application files.
  • After you open the Local Disk C window, go to ‘Program Files.’
  • In the Program Files window, scroll down and search for a folder known as NVIDIA Corporation.
  • Right-click on the folder icon and pick ‘Rename.’
  • Rename the report as something else (strive “Corp-NVIDIA” or some other variant).
  • Press the Enter key to shop the brand new call.
  • Go lower back and run the NVIDIA installer setup once more.

The method mentioned above has helped many users around the globe and has proved its worth.

  • Running the NVIDIA setup after deleting everything

 If NVIDIA installer cannot preserve, you want to delete all present files connected to the pictures software. In maximum cases in which the NVIDIA installer can’t keep, required documents are missing.

To Solve this, and you should delete the whole lot you have got on NVIDIA. Then, you could run the setup once more.

  • Go to the Device Manager of your computer out of your Windows 10 Settings menu.
  • Select the NVIDIA graphics motive force and uninstall.
  • Reboot your laptop to ensure all other drivers are jogging flawlessly.
  • Now, click on the Start menu.
  • Go to ‘Programs and Features’ and click on it to open a new window.
  • Select the choice that announces – Add or eliminate programs.
  • Search for all NVIDIA associated documents and programs and uninstall them.

When you’re positive that every NVIDIA document and folder is deleted, rerun the NVIDIA installer setup.

  • Disabling the antivirus software

Reinstalling NVIDIA hasn’t solved the problem? Perhaps, your antivirus software program is the reason why the NVIDIA installer cannot preserve.

Antivirus Software programs can forestall you from installing some applications and software programs. Even the safest installations are blocked via the antivirus software program.

Try Disabling your antivirus software program to see if it solves the hassle.

  • Go to the antivirus icon to your Windows 10 taskbar.
  • Right-click on the icon.
  • Choose the “Disable” choice from the menu.
  • If there’s no disable choice inside the menu, strive to disable the software from the phase of the program in your Windows settings menu.

Final Verdict

It is essential to understand that the steps mentioned above are the most common solutions for the problem when the user encounters NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue error on the device which they are using.

That’s not all! If nothing works, we recommend you to write an email to the customer support of NVIDIA stating the occurrence of this particular error, and they will assist you in solving the same. If this error problem is solved, it can result in optimizing the system for better performance.


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