Is Dailymotion Safe

Are you full of fear while you are surfing the internet and come across an article or link in which the name Dailymotion appears? Many questions would arise in your mind regarding safety concerns.

So here we bring you an authoritative guide about Is Dailymotion Safe, which will help you in determining and understanding the safety concern.

Let us first get some knowledge about it…


Dailymotion is hosted in France and is a video sharing site. On the Dailymotion platform, the viewing and the uploading of different types of videos are free of cost, and no charges are applicable.

The site is streaming multiple categories of video.

Another factor that sets Dailymotion apart from video streaming website alliances-where you can view mature content.

On YouTube, inappropriate content targeted at minor viewers (children) is flagged. Unlike YouTube, Dailymotion is subject to uploading universally applicable content.

Is Dailymotion Safe

Please do continue reading this article as further we would be discussing various positives and negatives of the Dailymotion website and how the people react to the same.

Fascinating truths about Dailymotion

  • Dailymotion ranks second as the world’s largest online video streaming platform ranking just behind the great YouTube.
  • Many big giant production companies like HBO and Showtime have extended their partnerships with the Dailymotion platform.
  • Dailymotion has exceeded 115 million monthly visitors since 2012.

Ensuring the safety of minors (Is Dailymotion safe?)

Dailymotion addresses safety issues by raising awareness about bullying and cyberbullying and providing parents with tools to help children safely share and watch videos. Ultimately, the uploading and viewing of content is the responsibility of the child and their parents. Still, Dailymotion has worked with other security organizations to promote the security experience online.

Protection against Viruses and Trojans

Sometimes a website-any website, not just Dailymotion-can be infected with a virus or malware. Antivirus companies maintain a list of popular websites and their security levels, including user reviews and comments. According to Norton Safe Web, as of October 2013, Dailymotion was not affected by malware. Still, some users reported malware infections in 2012. If you suspect that Dailymotion has been compromised by malware, use a virus company such as Norton to ensure that the site is safe to browse.

Age gate function

Dailymotion allows content that some viewers might object to-such as videos containing nudity, sex, violence, and swearing. For users who do not want to see such content in the search results to browse Dailymotion safely, the website provides the function of Age Gate. The age gate is active by default. When enabled, offensive or inappropriate content will not appear in search results. You can switch the age gate by pointing to Help at the bottom of the screen and then clicking the age gate. If the “Age Gate” is switched from “Open” to “Closed,” you must confirm that you are 18 years old by clicking the button.

Please do continue reading this article as further we would be discussing various positives and negatives of the Dailymotion website and how the people react to the same.

The Fall of Dailymotion

Unfortunately, Dailymotion has become increasingly frustrated on YouTube over the past decade. Many countries have prohibited the use of the Dailymotion website by their residents.

So, what makes Dailymotion so detrimental that it restricts its use in more than 200 countries? If you want to know – is Dailymotion a secure website? – The complete answer is “No.”

Dailymotion allows users to upload content that is not suitable for the general public. From nudity and explicit language to indifferent and violent pictures of religion-you can upload a variety of videos on Dailymotion.

Some points to be kept in mind while using Dailymotion

The following points need to be kept in mind by the user when he/she is browsing through the Dailymotion website.

  • Dailymotion website is not safe for children as some adult content is available on the platform to which the children can quickly get exposed. Also, some content which can bend the mind of adults in wrong directions is available on the website.
  • When logging into Dailymotion, your browser’s security is compromised. The site may be infected with viruses and malware. Nearly all antivirus software and secure browser programs mark Dailymotion as an unsafe website.
  • Also, Dailymotion’s position as a managed service provider threatened a few years ago. Law enforcement agencies around the world, including the United States, believe that Dailymotion videos are not suitable for use with free video streaming services.
  • Due to repeated copyright infringements, some countries believe that watching Dailymotion videos is illegal.

What is the revenue model of Dailymotion?

Regardless, millions of users continue to upload videos and watch them on Dailymotion. And, the reason is this is a profitable opportunity to make money. Dailymotion is earning millions of US dollars daily because of its mind-blowing platform.

At the same time, Dailymotion users can easily and quickly get additional revenue. If you want to monetize Dailymotion videos, you have three options-

  • Partner with Dailymotion and earn nearly 50% of your watch revenue share through full profit.
  • Dailymotion allows the posting of promotional videos, and you can also make money if someone clicks on your promotional link and purchases something.
  • You can trade your video to other users of the Dailymotion platform.

If you are comfortable in surfing some adult or inappropriate content, then Dailymotion is the best place to watch and upload videos.

Additional Tip

Using a VPN tool is always advisable when the user is browsing through any website just like Dailymotion so that the user and his device remain safe, and the identity remains anonymous.

Final Verdict

It is essential to understand that the ultimate goal of this article is to provide the users’ knowledge about the website Dailymotion and Is Dailymotion safe to use. In this article, we have tried and covered both the positives and negatives of the Dailymotion website.

The age gate function, protection against the viruses, and the age limiting option is something which the Dailymotion website has tried and incorporate and succeeded to some extent in a short span but failed in the longer terms.

Many countries have banned the Dailymotion site and also have imposed copyright infringement cases.

Thus, the overall safety of the Dailymotion website lies on the shady and darker side.


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