Steam Screenshot Folder

You use the F12 key to take the screenshot on Steam as you play your game.

There can be a chance that the user might use it afterward to share it with his groups or can take the screenshot only for making beautiful the background of desktop looks more attractive.

Currently, the problem is, by what means can we find the Steam screenshot folder? But It is a big deal as this are recovered.

BUT, first, let us know…

What is Steam?

Steam is a well-known platform based on Digital distribution established by Valve company. Steam permits buying and allowing users to play numerous games in different modes.

Several games use overlaying of Stream, which backs in-game activities linked to Steam.

Overlaying of the Steam is presumed as the inbuilt interface that offers a contact to some features through a game session.

Overlays are commonly needed for in-game purchases (e.g., Roaster items), individual chat visits, friends and specific group invitations, screenshots, trading and market functions, and more.

What is the Steam Store?

If you are someone who loves playing games on the computer, there are chances that you might be aware of Steam.

That’s right Steam Store is the heaven for passionate gamers where one can find plenty of updated games.

Steam Store allows gamers to buy certain latest games free of cost, whereas some latest games have paid versions available.

Gameplay can be shared, and the game content can be accessed easily on the steam platform.

Certain users may want to share or save the steam game footage and find it tough to access the Steam screenshot folder.

But before examining the Steam screenshot folder, let’s look at how the screenshots are taken on it.

Steam permits users to take screenshots by clicking the F12 key. Yet, most users don’t know just where these screenshots are kept on their PC.

Now we bring you a small tip – Steam screenshot folder occurs only afterward you take the single screenshot. If the user hasn’t taken the first screenshot in Steam, there is no way that he can find this folder on your PC.

Note: If you intend to use Steam on your laptop, please press Fn (Function) + F12 to take a screenshot, if only F12 key is pressed that might change the network settings of your laptop to airplane mode.

So we have made it easier for you guys to know how someone can take screenshots in Steam, lets read further in this article on how to access them.

How can we find Steam Screenshot Folder in Windows 7/8/10? (100%Working)

To Access the Find Steam Screenshot folder, a user can apply the following two methods:

1. Applying the Feature Screenshot Manager

Steam accompanies with a screenshot manager feature that makes it easy for the user to get a folder with all their screenshots. Let’s now understand how to open the Screenshot Manager

User first needs to click the view icon in Steam. Then after clicking on view, Click to screenshots. They can accomplish them as per their needs and also save these screenshots to their PC.

2. Using a Screenshot Folder Manually

Screenshot Manager is the top method to discover screenshots. However, to access the Screenshot Manager program, the User essentially has to open the Steam app each time. If someone doesn’t require to do every time, they can manually access the address.

The best way to contact and manage Steam screenshots is by going to the Screenshot Manager, which can be accessed by Clicking screenshots in View Menu. Select the desired screenshot and then click the option show on disk.

The folder which contains the screenshots can be easily accessed by using Screenshot Uploader.

The screenshot manager can be utilized to upload or delete screenshots. Additionally, one can add descriptions to the images.

If the user is viewing for solutions on how to change steam screenshots, follow the instructions above to access the folder comprising all the images. User can then use these images when and where needed in the Game.

Using Disk to Search for Steam Screenshot Folder

If, for a specific reason, you can’t use the above two methods, you can find the folder having the screenshots of games in several other ways.

You will have to look through the C drive, which in most cases, is the usual location for game installation and find the correct folder.

C: /ProgramFiles (x86) /Steam/userdata/(yourSteamID)/760/remote/app–ID/screenshot

Thus presently, the user has to navigate to the file path described above and make a keen note of all the unique values one by one to avoid any confusion.

It is also required that both the Steam ID and App ID are inserted in the code separately.

How to find the Steam ID?

In this situation, the fastest approach to locate the ID is to see the page source of the profile over a web browser. We will show an easy way to do it over the Chrome browser.

  • First, Sign in to your account through the Steam official site.
  • While hovering over account name Select your Profile.
  • Open View Page Source by right-clicking on the website.
  • Ctrl + F at the similar period to start the search. Enter account id.
  • Copy the number set as your Steam ID.

If you require a Steam64 id, take note of the following points to use it:

  • Once you are in Steam client. Navigate to View menu and then choose System Settings.
  • Discover a choice called Show Steam URL Address.
  • Click “OK” to save and then click “Restart Steam” in the popup window.
  • Wait till the software restarts hover over the username of the Windows user.
  • Take a look now at the URL. The number set next to the profile is the Steam64 ID.

Final Verdict to Find Steam Screenshot Folder

As we all know, players are naturally very creative. The Steam screenshot feature allows users to remember their artistic game days and enjoy the moments of the game.

If you still have questions about by what means to find the Steam screenshot folder, or if you take any difficulties finding the folder, do let us know in the comments what you feel.

Happy Gaming!!!


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