The windows operating system is a very dynamic user interface that is being used all around the world by millions of users on their laptops and desktop computers.

The windows operating system provides the users to make different. It separates profiles in which every user can customize the computer in their required way and also store and save the data as and how they want.

These profiles help the different users of a family or an office to use one particular device in the form of various multiple independent devices.

For every user profile present in the desktop or laptop, there exists a separate nyuser.dat file that is created by the Windows operating system.

This ntuser.dat file stores all the data and the documents which the user operates on and manipulates on day to day basis.

The size of these ntuser.dat files depends on the type of activities in which a user is involved. Thus, if videos and games are more than the size of this particular file will be more.

This file keeps track of all the user activities and saves the settings made by the user. It also keeps the profile separated, and each user’s registry information is stored in the ntuser.dat file.

Working of Ntuser.dat File

Whenever a new profile is created in the Windows operating system, the information of each profile needs to be stored and catered separately.

The Ntuser.dat file is the one behind the management of this segment.

From maintaining the registry and documents of all the profiles to keeping track of the data and updating it regularly, Ntuser.dat does it all without any issue and hindrance.

This ntuser.dat file performs a dual role. The first role which it plays is that it stores all the data which the user works on.

The second role which it plays is that the ntuser.dat file helps to choose the software for the user according to the activity of the user’s profile and also recommends him or her to uninstall the redundant or useless software.

Safety Concerns Related to Ntuser.dat File

Under the typical working environment and conditions, the ntuser.dat file has normal behaviour. It does not provide any harm to the health of the device.

But during the time of certain special conditions, the ntuser.dat file can prove to be very harmful to the laptop or the desktop device.

Generally, the ntuser.dat file proves to be harmful to the device when the size of the file exceeds and becomes more than 100 megabytes.

In such a case, many users have reported the complaint that the performance of their device becomes very slow and also the computer tends to lag and hang very often.

The ntuser.dat file has very fewer chances of getting corrupted. This can only happen when the user’s activities in that profile are not ethical, and all the data gets scrambled and haphazard.

In such cases, the majority of the people who do not have enough knowledge about the ntuser.dat file, term this situation as the Ntuser.dat virus file. But this is not at all true.

The ntuser.dat file can be deleted very quickly under such circumstances, and also the properties of the same can be changed very quickly by the user.

But, if the user tries to change or toggle with the settings of the ntuser.dat file very frequently, then this can fail the system, and the user has to incur a lot of money for getting back on the track.

But, all of this can only be done if the user knows the correct and the exact location of the ntuser.dat file. Also, the user needs to know the step by step procedure for deleting the ntuser.dat file.

Please stay with us till the end of the article as we would be providing the steps to know the exact location of the ntuseer.dat file and also the step by step guide to delete the ntuser.dat file in simple ways.

Location of Ntuser.dat File

The location of the ntuser.dat file has changed from time to time according to the version of the windows and also the constant updates which come out now and then.

In the previous and old version of the Windows operating system, the following address was the place where the ntuser.dat file could have been found easily:

  • Open the C drive of the device.
  • Open the documents and settings folder by double-clicking on it.
  • Now select the user name option.

But, for the latest versions of the Windows operating system, the address or the location of the ntuser.dat file is different. The ntuser.dat file can be found by following the below steps:

  • Open the C drive of the device.
  • Click on the users’ profile.
  • Now select the folder which has the name user name_folder.

Depending upon the version of the window which the user is using, the location and the exact address of the ntuser.dat file can be found out by typing the address in the file explorer of the windows.

Deleting the Ntuser.dat File

The ntuser.dat file can be quickly deleted by following the steps which are given below.

  • According to the different version of the windows which the users are using, go to the location of the ntuser.dat file.
  • Now, open the view tab by clicking on it and then click on the icon which says hidden items.
  • Now, you will see the ntuser.dat file. Right-click on the file and then hit the delete option.
  • After clicking on delete, you will see a confirmation prompt popped up.
  • Click on the yes option to confirm the deletion process.

Final Verdict

The netuser.dat file is an essential component in the windows operating system which deals with all the data of the user and makes the process hassle-free.

In this useful and influential guide, we have tried to provide the function of the ntuser.dat file, the concern about its safety and the location and the address of this file in different versions of the windows.

Apart from this, we have also covered the steps to delete the ntuser.dat file under malicious circumstances.


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