What is DirectPlay

Gaming is always a very interesting part we enjoy while operating our PC’s, but little do we know that all these games do require some plugin or software to run.

DirectPlay is one amongst the API that enables playing games on PC.

We can wade through different sources that are available on the internet to get information about the DirectPlay, however, these may take a lot of time to assess each post.

Through this post, we are trying to bring you all the necessary information that encourages you to know what DirectPlay is and how to enable DirectPlay on your PC.

Follow this useful post that guides you through the DirectPlay API and its installation steps.

What is the DirectPlay?

As some of you might be aware of the DirectX that holds for the execution of several gaming programs, multimedia program, etc. has DirectPlay also one of the APIs in it.

DirectPlay plays a very important part in allowing users to find the gaming activities or session and it also helps users to control the flow of information between the players and one who is hosting the game.

DirectPlay uses a multithreaded programming technique which enables to work over any online protocols and also troubleshoot for any issues with relation to Network Address Translation.

Although, as Microsoft discontinued the DirectPlay as it was causing hindrance in operation about the Live Games feature in the Window.

Many players still look out for the DirectPlay as certain previous versions of the games can only be enabled using the DirectPlay API.

In case a game requires the enablement of DirectPlay, there is a message prompting the PC to install the DirectPlay feature to run the game.

Ways to put DirectPlay back to the PC

Let’s run you through the several steps that can help you to put back the DirectPlay in your PC.

Following these steps will surely help you out as these are the best ways we are mentioning here.

Get the DirectPlay Installation Up and Running

Step 1:  You need to Navigate to the Control Panel to start with the installation process.

Step 2: Get to the Uninstalling Feature once you have entered the Programs and Features.

Step 3: Check Turn Windows On or Off Feature

Step 4: Get through the list that shows all the legacy components.

Step 5: Enable the DirectPlay Feature present in the checkbox

Step 6: Complete the Installation procedure properly and don’t abruptly terminate the program.

Step 7: After successful installation, restart the system.

Enable the Compatibility Mode

Step 1:  You need to Navigate to the Control Panel to start with the installation process.

Step 2: Get to the File Explorer option and check for the game.exe folder present in that.

Step 3: Navigate to the Properties Tab under the game.exe folder.

Step 4: Locate the compatibility tab and choose the compatibility settings.

Step 5: Enable the program to run in the compatibility mode.

Step 6: Choose the past Windows OS version, which corresponds to the latest version of the game, when installed.

Step 7: Ensure to run the program under an administrator option.

This Compatibility mode enables a user to play the game as per the previous OS settings and hence is a very helpful way to allow games to be played.

Unselect the Anti-virus application

In several OS, like Windows 10, it has been observed that various installation gets blocked because of the precautionary measure by the Antivirus software running on the PC.

This is also possible that the DirectPlay installation also gets halted due to these issues. But we can temporarily deactivate the anti-virus software to run the DirectPlay installation.

However, we recommend that disabling the antivirus software can have an adverse impact on the other important aspects of the PC. So choose this option very wisely.

Step 1:  You need to navigate to the Task Manager, check on the Start-up tab and then browse through programs list under windows.

Step 2: Locate for your anti-virus software in the list and then disable the same.

Step 3: Disable the antivirus only, if it is very essential.

Step 4: Do not browse the internet if the antivirus is disabled.

Step 5: Restart the PC, once the antivirus is disabled

Step 6: Complete the DirectPlay installation procedure.

Step 7: Restart to see your changes have been made on the PC.

Taking the help of Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

To give you all a basic glimpse of the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter, this feature is used to fix any game-related issues and comply with fixing the compatibility related issues.

Step 1:  Navigate to the Cortona button that is located amid the taskbar.

Step 2: Select the programs that have to be run specifically for the previous versions of the windows.

Step 3: Run Program as an administrator and select the advanced tab

Step 4: Click over the Next button, to select the listed or non-listed games.

Step 5: Select Next and enter browse to fix the game-related issues.

Step 6: Click over the Next to start the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter to start up with the processing work.

Step 7: After successful installation, restart the system.

Final Verdict

We have tried to give you the best information regarding what is DirectPlay, and how to enable the DirectPlay into your system.

Although all the current versions of games don’t require the DirectPlay feature, in case you are playing an older version of the game and look out for the DirectPlay feature, then this above guide will help you out.

Do look out for other support related issues that you can find for troubleshooting in the Microsoft help desk page that has all queries to your concerns

Do share with us how you found the above article best for your understanding so that it could various others in the community looking for the same issue.

We hope that you have seen this article and have found interest in reading out more such articles from our side.


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