Have we ever encountered a French-looking word in our Windows 10 operating system called bonjour, and what task does it perform in our PC?

Since we have very little time and patience, we don’t bother much about the bonjour service and why is it installed in the system.


It is very tough to go through various blogs that try to explain all of the things, whereas we look out for all the details in one post.

Hence we will bring forward all the relevant details in this very guide regarding what the bonjour service is? And how can we remove the Bonjour service Windows 10?

Explaining Bonjour Service?

As some of you might not be aware that the Bonjour service is a software made by Apple Inc.

This software works on the zero-configuration protocol and does the scanning to get automatic network discovery.

Zero configuration protocol has services like Hostname issue resolve, Address placement and discovering different services in a PC.

Also, bonjour helps to locate several peripheral devices like printers, other PCs and all those services that are configured by a Local area network without any manual intervention.

This phenomenon is explained by the Multicast Domain Name System that arranges networks, printers and the sharing of files using this feature.

Time and resources are saved, and the process is executed in a more relaxed way using IP, fetching and arranging details both through a wired or wireless medium.

If we talk about iOS or Mac, you can find the bonjour service software installed within.

However, it needs to be installed in the case of the Windows operating system.

It is observed that iTunes specifically uses bonjour service to share music libraries. Also, Apple TVs use this service to connect other premium services.

To see that the website interfaces are connected well with any Apple Device, Bonjour integrates with Safari to make the experience go smoother.

Explain the Positives and Negatives associated with Bonjour?


  • There is always a scope of getting zero configuration
  • Detecting and Locating services over the LAN
  • Syncing the processes and other works between various apple devices are possible using bonjour service
  • Compatibility with Several Operating Systems makes it the best feature to integrate tasks easily.


  • Not Necessary that this feature is always used, you can still use other programs to form a network configuration
  • Versions get trickier to use and newer version them makes more complex

Ways to remove Bonjour Service from Windows 10

What if you are no longer using any uses from the bonjour service in Windows 10. You are looking to remove this software from the control panel

Here are the ways that might help you in uninstalling the bonjour service from Windows 10.

Step 1: Go to the Program Files and then navigate to the Bonjour folder.

Step 2: You will observe that task started automatically and task called as mDNSResponder.exe is running

Step 3: In case you terminate the above run and end the task in Windows Task Manager, It will fail.

Step 4: You have first to locate the path – Bonjour/mDNSResponder.exe

Step 5: Enter –remove at the end of the path

Step 6: Click on Ok button

Step 7: Also remove the dll file in the command prompt

Step 8: Restart your PC

Step 9: From Program, Delete the Bonjour Folder.

By using this process, we hope that you must be relieved as the Bonjour service in Windows 10 is disabled

Although make a note of this critical point, that bonjour service is essential for people using iTunes. It is not advisable to remove this service for those users.

Those using the Windows operating system can again reinstall it back if in case they want the bonjour service.

Should we remove Bonjour service from Windows 10?

It is your personal choice, if you want to use the Bonjour service, Even if you remove the Bonjour service from Windows 10. Your PC will still function properly.

Yes, there are chances that if one is uninstalling the bonjour service, the sharing feature between PC and several other devices or the intercommunication between networks can get deactivated.

Bonjour service has added a lot of features that have brought convenience to the user while setting up any network or if there is sharing of media files or documents over the network.

Connecting to a network or if the user had to configure the network for the file-sharing between PC’s over a network, had become very more straightforward and simple due to the bonjour service.

But, the choice is with you, one has full authority to decide that if for his operating system, the bonjour service is not adding any benefit. One can decide to uninstall the bonjour service from Windows 10.

Final Verdict

It becomes essential to know that in this post, we have tried to resolve all of your queries regarding how one can remove bonjour service from Windows 10 permanently.

You must first understand that to remove bonjour service from Windows 10. One should be very sure behind the reason for doing the same.

For Apple Users, and people who enjoy or use iTunes a lot for sharing files or musical libraries, for them, it is necessary that they do not remove the Bonjour service from their system.

The above ways might surely help you to remove bonjour service from Windows 10 and then you can continue using your PC for the other interconnection of networks.

That’s not enough!

If nothing works, we recommend you to write to the customer support of Apple, so as they can help you to remove bonjour service for your convenience.

Do let us know if you got all the insights about the bonjour service and do share your views about this post, as it could help our online community.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article and the above ways to remove bonjour service from Windows 10 would have been beneficial to you.


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