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All about Windows operating systems. Find step-by-step guides for common Windows 10/8/7 related errors. How-to tutorials for fixing critical Windows OS issues.

Windows host process rundll32

4 Fixes for windows host process RunDLL32 high CPU usage [Solved]

Most of the users prefer to use Windows for their daily work as there are lots of inbuilt processes like RunDLL32 that runs in the background while someone is working on it. 
Cortana not working

4 Fixes for Cortana not working issue in Windows 10 [Solved]

Cortana helps the user in launching various applications and programs in windows 10 operating systems.  But sometimes, there is an issue with Cortana or start menu, due to...

Dmw.exe in Windows 7810 – Safe or unsafe [Solved]

Are you tired weeding through various articles available online about the "dmw.exe" issue in the Windows 7 or 8 or 10 operating system? If yes, then...
wifi doesn't have a valid IP configuration windows 7

4 Fixes for Wi-Fi having invalid IP configuration in windows 7 [Solved]

In the 21st century, wireless internet connection becomes an essential part of everyone day to day life. But sometimes users' experience that their internet is not working.
Microsoft compatibility telemetry high cpu

4 Easy ways to Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High CPU Usage

Although you might have bought a new computer and you have observed that the system is working quite slower. This can be very difficult that the...

Definition and Ways of Removal of Bonjour Service Windows 10

Have we ever encountered a French-looking word in our Windows 10 operating system called bonjour, and what task does it perform in our PC? Since we...
Hide mouse cursor windows 10

3 Fixes for mouse cursor disappear issue in windows 10 [Solved]

Nowadays, everyone has his or her personal computer which they use in their day to day life for making calculations, playing games, etc. Everyone who is...

3 Easy Ways to Fix Windows Spotlight not working [Solved]

You might like the various lock screen images that you enable as the background display is always what we have to see after the booting of the windows system.
Service Registration Is Missing or Corrupt fix, Service Registration Is Missing or Corrupt in Windows PC

4 Fixes for Service Registration Is Missing or Corrupt Error [Solved]

Are you tired of reading abundant and problematic clarifications for resolving Service Registration Is Missing or Corrupt Error on the internet? If yes, then don't worry!

4 Fixes for Windows defender, not opening issue [Solved]

Are you tired weeding through various articles available online about "solutions for windows defender not opening" issue in windows operating system 7/8/10? If yes, then don't...


5 Easy Fixes to Resolve Reddit Error 503 [Solved]

Do you feel tired of reading multiple and sophisticated solutions for Reddit Error 503 on the internet? If yes, then...

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