Add Image Behind Text in Google Docs

Google Docs is a fabulous feature of Google Drive, the most prevalent and perhaps the most excellent free online word processor.

With various formatting options, you can easily create, upload, save, share, and collaborate on documents in Google Docs.

It has excellent sharing and workgroup capabilities, making it perfect for collaborating with documents.

However, some features are not directly supported, such as adding a background image to your Docs document, which is sometimes the main requirement of the user.

Despite its many advantages, Docs does have one disadvantage: its feature set is relatively limited. Like Microsoft Word, which has an enormous list of factors, Google Docs focuses on doing some basic things and doing it well.

For 99% of 99% of users, this is more than enough. Though occasionally there are factors required for Docs, and at these periods, Google Docs doesn’t provide you with the right solution.

But don’t worry! We will resolve your every concern in this significant guide that covers everything you need to know about adding the Image behind the Text in Google Docs.

Adding an Image before Text in Google Docs?

There are at least two ways to add a background image to your Google Docs file; I will show you the best two ways I know.

The first method involves adding a background image using Microsoft Word and then adjusting the transparency of the Image when importing the file into the document.

The second method completely bypasses Google Docs and uses Google Slides to add images.

It’s a relaxed way, faultless for stuff like personalized marriage invitations or greeting cards, all you need is a slight quantity of Text.

Most of the Users are unaware of the fact that one can’t insert images directly after the Text in Google Docs. However it is possible to manually add a custom background image through some of the resolutions that we have to offer. Let’s take a look at the following:

1. Adding a Background Image to Google Docs using MS Word Feature

With this procedure, MS Word will allow us to do the act. When uploading a folder to Google Docs, you just want to insert an image on the Text and set the picture transparency. Please follow the stages under:

Tip: The images you want to add to the background of Google Docs should be saved on your computer to finish this procedure.

  • Log into Google account, Go to the Google Docs Feature, Import the Google Doc file.
  • Check on the Main Menu tab and Select the Doc.
  • Next, click on the Blank option and edit the document.
  • It is required to create a Microsoft account, can be done online.
  • Also, take steps to create a blank file.
  • Duplicate the content of Google Docs and can be pasted into Office Online.
  • Right-click on Image and Proceed towards the Wrap Text selection.
  • Once completed with inserting images by repeating the directly above steps, save the document to your computer and ensure that it is in the .doc file format.
  • Once it is over, Navigate back to Google Docs and Make a blank document.
  • Click on the File option and choose the Open Image.
  • Now upload the word file you have saved in your computer by selecting the Upload option.
  • Since the file is now being uploaded, right-click on the Image and select ImagesOptions.
  • A new window opens. Make the desired transparency of the images in the file.

Tip: Download the Google Docs special graphics as a .doc file and then upload it back to the OneDrive. If the document is opened online in word, select the Insert option in the Main Menu list and choose Picture.

Great! This fairly simple method will insert the custom background image on the Google Docs file. 

2. Inserting Image behind and the Text by using Google Slides Feature

We will make an additional guileless technique that doesn’t necessitate one to make necessary changes between many applications. It doesn’t really insert a background image to the Google docs document but is an excellent resolution if one is detecting for a partial text file like a tailored salutation. We know will mention the steps that is to be followed:

  • Sign in to Google account, Open the Google Slides Feature.
  • Select Blank to open a new presentation in that.
  • Now, Click on File and select Page Setup.
  • Next, click on Custom and set the height to 11 and width 8.5 inches.
  • The document appears as a Google Docs document.
  • After Setup installation, click on Slide and Choose the ChangeBackground.
  • Locate the Image inside the PC and add the same to the Doc or Slide. Open the Document.
  • Since the Image is now uploaded, click on Done.
  • We can also insert text boxes inside doc and do editing as required.
  • Download doc file as PDF and can be opened up in PowerPoint.

Thus a newly created slide is designed with your custom image on the text file.

Great Job! Thus one can now make changes in the Google Docs as desired and also insert the background image to be uploaded in Google Docs file.

Though Google assures to integrate and add several factors that are still not being used in Google Docs.

3. Doing in Google Docs Itself

All you need to do in your Docs file is select Insert è Drawing è +New.

Next, click the Add Image button and select the image file you want to use as a background.

Select the Add Text Box button and place the text box where you need your foreground text to appear. Type in the foreground text, setting its font, color, and size as you desire. Voila, instant background image!

You may need to swindle with this a bit to get the Text to look like the rest of the text in your document. This procedure is better for very simple Text overlaps rather than a transparent background image on a standard text document, but it does make sense.

Final Verdict

Despite being powerful and powerful, Google Docs still lacks some of the features provided by its offline version. Hopefully, in a future release, Google will be able to merge features to make it easier to add background images to Google Docs documents. Until then, you will have to rely on these alternative routes.


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