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We will resolve your every query in this resounding guide that covers everything you need to know with steps to fix the issue of windows defender in windows operating system.

FIRST, let us understand…

What is Windows Defender?

Windows Defender is an inbuilt antivirus software in the windows operating system. Therefore, people prefer to make this software enabled every time they use their computer system.

When the window defender is kept on in the system, it gives a positive feeling to the user that their system is secure.

Window defender helps in detecting the files containing the virus in the system and keep on notifying the users about such malware files.

When window defender is not functioning correctly in the system, it worries users that tit may impact the system with viruses.

Here we have an authoritative guide with all the latest tips and tricks to help you resolve the issue of window defender not opening in windows operating system 7/8/10 without much difficulty.

But before looking for the solutions to resolve this issue, let’s look forward to the possible damages to the system if this issue is not fixed on time.

Possible damage to the operating system if Windows Defender is not enabled

  • If the windows defender is not enabled, it will slow down your system.
  • If you want to update your system, you won’t be able to open windows update.
  • Your system may get malware files which leads to the virus in the system.
  • The protection level of your computer system declines if the windows defender is not enabled.

After seeing all the above possible reasons, it is essential to enable windows defender in your system. Therefore we are providing four fixes to enable the windows defender.

4 Fixes to enable windows defender (100% Working)

Window defender plays a vital role in the operating system. It protects the system from malware files and keeps the operating system fast. BUT before that make sure that you read the article till the end to avoid any issues at a later stage of the process.

Fix 1: Security centre should be rebooted

In windows 10, if the windows defender is not enabled, then you need to restart the security centre of the system. This can be done by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Using the keyboard, press window + R, it will open the Run window.
  • In the Run window popped up, enter services.msc
  • After entering the above command, lots of services will pop up. Search Security centre in those services.
  • Restart the security centre by right-clicking on it.

After restarting the security centre, switch off the system and restart it. After restarting the system, confirm if the window defender is opening or not.

Fix 2: Enable the group policy

To fix the issue of windows defender, not opening, you have to enable the Group policy. Below mentioned need to be followed.

  • Using a keyboard, press window + R, it will open the Run window.
  • In the Run window popped up, enter gpedit.msc
  • After entering the above command, the group policy editor window will be popped up.
  • In the Group Policy editor window that popped up, click on the computer configuration.
  • Under computer configuration, click on the Administrative Template à Windows component.
  • Under windows component, click on Windows Defender Antivirus.
  • Using a mouse of your computer system, double click on the option named “Turn off Windows Defender”.After making all the changes, click on OK to save the necessary changes.

After following all the steps mentioned above, verify if the windows defender issue is resolved or not.

Fix 3: Registry should be adjusted

Sometimes, window defender doesn’t open in operating system 7/8/10 because the Windows Registry has disabled it. Therefore, to resolve such issues of windows defender, some changes need to be done in the Windows registry.

Following steps needs to be followed to make necessary changes:

  • Using a keyboard, press window + R, it will open the Run window.
  • In the Run window popped up, enter Regedit
  • After entering the above command, the registry window will be popped up.
  • In the registry window that opens, open the following address
  • Defender
  • In the window that opens up after navigating to the address mentioned above, search ‘DisableAntiSpyware DWORD’ and double click on it with the help of mouse.

In case you are not able to search DWORD, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • In the right navigation panel, click on New and open DWORD (32-bit) Value
  • DWORD value should be changed to 0 and save the changes by clicking on OK.

Fix 4: Remove third-party antivirus software

In most of the cases, if your system has some other antivirus installed in your system, it disables the window defender due to which you are not able to open the windows defender application in windows 7/8/10 operating system.

To resolve such issues, you should uninstall the third-party antivirus software installed in your system.

After uninstalling the antivirus, restart the system and check if the windows defender is opening or not.

Final Verdict for Window Defender not opening issue

Window defender is a very vital component of our operating system. The presence of window defender gives assurance to users that their system is safe, and there are no malware files present in the system.

Users become confused when they came to know that window defender which is installed in their system is not functioning properly

Therefore, we have provided a helpful guide which helps you in resolving the issue of window defender not opening in operating system 7/8/10 so that you can have a great experience and keep your system free from malware files.

If you have something new to share or any feeling or experience, then also feel free to explain it to us so that we can publish it on our portal.

Do let us know in the comment section below that which of the above four fixes worked for you!


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