disable laptop keyboard

When we are tired to disable laptop keyboard, as we are looking out to use an external keyboard, we lookout for related articles over the internet.

Since we have very little time and patience, we require a solution that just quickly fixes the issue to disable the laptop keyboard.


It isn’t effortless to go through various blogs that try to explain all of the things, whereas we look out for all the details in one single article.

Hence we will bring forward all the relevant details regarding disabling the laptop keyboard in this very guide that covers everything you need to know about what to do to disable laptop keyboard.

Why does someone need to disable the laptop keyboard?

As some of you might not be aware that the laptop keyboard has very soft keys, and continue using it might wear off the keypad.

This is especially true for people who extensively use the laptop keyboard. People who play a lot of games or do a lot of typing are the ones whose laptop keyboard wears out.

They should lookout to buy an external keyboard to protect their laptop keyboard.

Also, there can be hardware issues associated with the laptop keyboard. Hence, it is required to disable laptop keyboard

Although to disable laptop keyboard is not an easy task, it is a little complex. Still, in this post, we have made sure that your life gets more comfortable and you can easily disable the laptop keyboard.

Ways to deactivate keypad of any Laptop

Here are some quite simple and best methods to disable the laptop keyboard. If you need to deactivate the keypad completely, it is also possible

We can make it disabled by adopting the following three ways that might help in deactivating the keypad.

1. Deactivate Laptop Keypad by Device Manager

It is required to uninstall the driver for the keypad to make it disabled. Follow these steps to deactivate the laptop keypad.

Step 1: Go to the Windows Device Manager under the Start Menu option present in Windows.

Step 2: Lookout for the Keyboards under the list of devices shown and then select the same.

Step 3: If you have identified the model of the keyboard, Select the same and then uninstall it.

By using this process, we hope that you must be relieved as the laptop keypad is now disabled.

Although make a note of this critical point, that you have only deactivated the keyboard temporarily, it is not a permanent fix, until you again restart your system, you can see the changes you made earlier.

After Turning on the Computer back, the drivers will get automatically updated.

2. Deactivate Keypad through an Incompatible Driver

If the above fix can give you a temporary solution and you are looking to stop the automatic installation of drivers than follow these below steps.

Step 1: Go to the Windows Device Manager under the Popup Menu option present in Windows.

Step 2: Search out for the Keyboards under the list of devices observed and then choose the relevant keyboard.

Step 3: When you see your keypad name, Right-click to update the driver

Step 4: You have to choose for existing drivers between checking online and that

Step 5: Unselect the “Only use compatible driver icon.”

Step 6: There can be another option for selecting incompatible drivers to display

By using this process, we hope that you must be eased out as the keypad of a laptop is deactivated for your laptop.

If you wish to restore the previous changes, you need then to choose for the compatible drivers and Restart the Computer.

3. Deactivate Keypad by Third Party Applications

There are slight chances that the above two ways are not working for your laptop model, it can be due to some hardware issue, or maybe the driver got corrupted.

But, Don’t Worry!!

Look out for CNET and install a third-party device manager application.

This tool will help you to deactivate the keypad driver very fast. Without much effort of uninstalling the drivers again and again, this third party application will do its work.

Can we deactivate a Laptop Keypad Completely?

Well, the answer is Yes, One first need to switch off the Ability pack in Windows to make sure that the Keypad’s driver is not getting installed again.

Step 1: Go to the Windows Configuration file.

Step 2: Search out for the system installation under administrative templates.

Step 3: Under option Device Installation Restrictions, Select the prevent the installation of devices option

Step 4: You have to enable the above-said option

Once this is completed, Uninstall keypad drivers again. As a result, the keypad gets deactivated, and you no longer would be able to use the laptop keyboard.

In case you want to reset the changes made, you have to enter gpedit.msc, make the changes wherever necessary and then after saving, restart the computer.

Final Verdict

It becomes essential to know that in this post, we have tried to resolve all of your queries regarding how one can disable laptop keyboard both temporally and permanently.

You must first understand that to disable a laptop keyboard. One should be very sure behind the reason for doing the same.

For Gamers, and people who type a lot can make the keypad wear out quickly then occasional users, for them they must buy an external keyboard for the same.

The above ways might surely help you to disable the laptop keyboard temporarily and permanently. Then you can either use an external keypad or might not use anything.

That’s not it!

If nothing works, we recommend you write to the customer support of the particular laptop model, e.g. HP, Lenovo, so as they can help you to disable laptop keyboard driver for your convenience.

Do let us know which of the ways mentioned above worked best for you and do share your views about this post, as it could help our online community.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article and the above ways to disable laptop keyboard would have been beneficial to you.


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