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Explain Avast?

Avast is one of the best and leading companies in terms of offering antimalware and antivirus software throughout the globe.

They have over to 452 million subscribers, which has made them the market leader in the antimalware industry.

Explain Avast Security Software?

Avast company offers the Security software, which makes it possible for users to run this application and protect their PC from viruses or malware.

You can download the free trial version and then use the same to enjoy the essential security services.

But, to install features like firewall, anti-spam, and some prominent banking security features, you need to purchase a licensed version from the Avast.

As soon as the Avast free trial is expired, there is an auto-renewal of the license, done as you enter the payment credentials on the website, before downloading a free trial.

It becomes easy for some users who want to continue with the services offered by the Avast security software, as they don’t have to even think for a second about the renewal and expiration.

Although some people don’t find it as an issue to avail of the service by paying up, some don’t want to pay and are just using it for trial version.

Many users without any knowledge give their payment information. They agree to pay for the license after the free trial expires.

In this guide, we will look at how to cancel the Avast free trial and cancel the auto-renewal of the application.

3 Ways to Cancel Avast Free Trial

One can easily cancel Avast free trial and can also remove the auto-renewal feature by following these 3 simple ways that we are covering for you in this article.

Fix 1 – Using Digital River Order Portal by Disabling the Automatic Renewal

You can see the order portal available on Digital River. You only need to cancel the automatic renewal by:

Step 1: Log into your Digital River Portal and enter the order password and user name.

Step 2: Check out on the order details and then navigate to Manage Subscription.

Step 3: Look out for the Automatic Renewal logo on the Subscription details page.

Step 4: Turn the Automatic Renewal off.

Step 5: Now Select the Disable Automatic Renewal link.

We hope that you must be relieved as you have successfully cancel the Avast free trial. You will also receive a confirmation mail from the Avast team in your mail account.

Fix 2 – Disabling the Automatic Renewal by Contacting Avast Support

You can also contact the Avast support team to disable the automatic renewal. You only need to follow:

Step 1: Navigate to the Avast website from your browser

Step 2: Provide the information with the same account you had used while purchasing the Avast license with cancel.

Step 3: A ticket is raised in the system of the Avast Support Team.

We hope that you must now get a revert from the Avast support team and they will guide you further to cancel the Avast free trial.

You will also receive a confirmation mail from the Avast team in your mail account, Once the ticket is resolved.

Fix 3 – Disabling the Automatic Renewal through Avast Account

You can disable renewal through the Avast account on Digital River. You only need to cancel the automatic renewal by:

Step 1: Open the Avast Program through the Programs option or from the desktop.

Step 2: On the top right corner, Look out for the Sign In Option, Open it.

Step 3: Using your user name and password, while you registered for the Avast account, Sign in.

Step 4: Look out for the License link. Go to your licenses section.

Step 5: Here, you will find all the licenses which are associated with the account you have created in Avast.

Step 6: Now Select the Cancel Automatic Renewal link.

Step 7: Choose the deactivate auto-renewal subscription to apply the changes you have made.

Step 8: Once the above steps are successfully followed, you will now receive an email from the Avast team, on confirmation of disabling auto-renewal.

We hope that you must be relieved as you have successfully cancel the Avast free trial. You will also receive a mail from the Avast team of the reason behind your action.

Ways to get Refund for Avast Auto-Renewal on Billing

In case you missed cancelling the free trial before the due date. You don’t need to panic as you can ask for a refund within 30 days of the renewal duration.

Follow these steps to know how to claim for a refund:

  • Navigate to the Avast Website, Go to sales refund link and provide the details for your claim of refund
  • A ticket would be raised in the Avast Support team system, and they will process your refund.

Final Verdict

It is crucial to understand that the ways mentioned above are to cancel Avast free trial and disabling the automatic renewal of Avast security software.

You must first complete the registration on the Avast website, then proceed and log into with your Avast Account. Deactivate Automatic Renewal link, and tap on to cancel the auto-renewal.

The above ways might surely help you to cancel the Avast free trial in your device, and you continue using other services.

That’s not all!

If nothing works, we recommend you to write an email to the customer support of Avast Security, so as they can help you to cancel the Avast free trial and with getting the Auto-renewal disabled for your device.

Do let us know which of the above deactivation ways worked best for you so that it could help our online community.

We hope that you have liked this article and the above ways to cancel Avast free trial would have proven worthy to you.


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